Bella4ever recommends always wearing the right garment for whatever your needs are. For example if you are going through the process of pregnancy you will realize that our body is changing magically in a beautiful way because you will give birth to a beautiful being. Only during this time is when you must choose the right girdle that would be the Postpartum, which will help you to be prepared when the time comes for your baby. After giving birth, is the time when our body begins another period of change in which it tries to return to its normal proportions. To make this process faster and less painful, many specialists recommend using this type of girdle. What are some of the benefits of using the Postpartum Girdle?

• Reduces postpartum pain The pressure that the girdle makes on our abdomen and back makes the pain in these areas spread. At the same time, it helps the abdominal muscles that separated during the pregnancy process to return to their position. On the other hand, it gives a firm support that allows you to maintain an upright posture.

• During pregnancy, our uterus increases up to 10 times its usual size in order to accommodate our baby. After delivery, it must recover. The Postpartum girdle will help the uterus regain its size more quickly and move into the proper physiological position.

• You get quick mobility Using a Postpartum girdle will make you feel more comfortable in your daily activities, as it will give you the confidence to move normally. Pay attention: While wearing the girdle and make movements as before pregnancy, you should not lift heavy objects, do not exercise which will have to stretch too much, as this would promote abdominal diastasis, also increase create hernias and open the hernia of your cesarean section. It is important that its use is not prolonged, take breaks and do not use it during the night (unless your doctor says so). In this way, you will not lose muscle strength and elasticity and you will not weaken your pelvic floor.

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